Like most things in life, Weebly as a website builder also has its fair share of annoying things. Dealing with these annoyances is very easy following the right procedures. In this article, we will show you the 5 most annoying things about Weebly and how to actually fix them.

#1. Loading Message with Spinner in the Weebly Site Editor

You may already have come across the small annoying loading popup. Almost every Weebly user have seen it on the Site Editor.

Weebly loading spinner issue

This may appear for the slightest action sometimes such as after dropping any Weebly element, etc. Your website is being saved in Weebly’s server cache. The timeframe of having the data saved depends on the size of your website as well as the speed of your internet connection.

But well, that loading message with spinner usually caused by slow Internet connection.

#2. Weebly Server Errors

Other than the Weebly Site Editor taking long time to load and save your changes, it may also throw different types of error messages when editing your website.

Weebly Connection Error

To avoid that, try not uploading large files such as video files etc to your Weebly website. If it ever happens, simply hitting the exit button will hide the error.

#3. Weebly System Error

There are several reasons why Weebly websites owners may get the publishing error “Oops ! The system encountered an error. Please try your last request again” error. If ever this happens with you, you’d just need to click the X icon to close it and the message will disappear.

Weebly System Error

Weebly System Error

#4. Weebly File Upload Error

Uploading documents is another issue in Weebly especially when one has a slowor bad Internet service.

When you’re trying to upload large files into Weebly, it will take considerable time to upload them to the server and that error might appear. You just need to refresh and try again.

Weebly File Upload Error

#5. Weebly Popup Message for Re-connect Apps

Weebly Popup Message for Re-connect Apps

Weebly Popup Message for Re-connect Apps

This is actually not a bug or an error message, you will come across such popup whenever there is an updated version of any Weebly app you have installed is available.

Other Weebly Issues and Problems

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