This post explains in details how to create a Weebly blog the right way. Starting a blog is the easiest way to share your ideas, hobbies, and anything else with the world. You may also use it to promote your business online — and even make money from it.

Weebly makes it easy and simple for us to create a blog with its blogging platform.

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#1. Adding a Weebly Blog Page to Your Website

  1. Login to your Weebly account and edit the website in object
  2. Via Pages tab click on “Add Page +”.
  3. Select “Blog Page” as a type of page so you insert a blog to your Weebly website.
Weebly blog

#2. Creating a Weebly Blog

The above method allows you to create a Weebly blog section to the main website. If you’re willing to keep only a blog website then ensure to have the blog page as your home page. This can be done by moving the blog page to the first page under “Pages” menu.

#3. Play with the Weebly General Blog Settings

Weebly Blog Editor

Once you added a blog page, a new blog editor will appear when editing a blog post.

Weebly Blog Editor

Creating a Blog Post in Weebly

To create a new Blog Post in Weebly, you need to click on the “New Post” button. This way you’ll see a new set of elements appear in the Weebly Blog editor which you can drag and drop to your post’s content area.

The following set elements are grouped under “Blog Sidebar” which can only be added in the sidebar.

Weebly sidebar elements

Click on the “New Post” button and drag and drop elements to start building your blog content.

New Blog Post Weebly

Weebly General Blog Settings

You may want to check the “Blog Settings” option to setup various features like posts per page, social media sharing buttons and more.

Weebly Blog Settings

Weebly Comments Settings

“Blog settings” offers also other options for your comment settings like choosing default Weebly’s commenting system and filtering SPAM etc.

weebly comment blog settings

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