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Weebly offers an easy way to help you make a website, but for sure, none of us was born with built-in knowledge on how to do so. This article is simply written to help new Weebly users to get things done in a proper way.

We’re listing here 10 of the most helpful Weebly tutorials that will let you get the most of Weebly features and eventually help you in your first steps as a webmaster. These articles will not only help you in creating a professional website, they will also show you how to improve your website’s overall SEO and how to professionalize everything.

How to Use the Weebly Editor – Learn to Navigate Through it as a Pro

This article showcases the tools and elements that make the Weebly Editor so marvelous. Reading that tutorial helps to understand the functions of the different elements of the Weebly site editor. Therefore, makes the process of creating your own Weebly website pretty easy and interesting.

How to Display Your Images on Weebly with Galleries

Weebly makes it super easy to upload images. However, if anyone is adding several images, then all those images will appear one after another. It obviously doesn’t look great. That’s when we need to use galleries.

A gallery lets us display images in a grid layout with columns and rows. It lets us show thumbnails for images as well. Visitors can then click on them to visualize the full image.

This tutorial shows exactly how to add an image gallery to a Weebly website, as well as how to customize the gallery outline to match the overall site design.

How to Get a Weebly Website Found on Search Results

Search engines are definitely an essential source of natural incoming traffic. This guide demonstrates the basic steps to make sure that your Weebly website is well-setup and ready to be indexed and ranked by the different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Actually the provided steps create an optimized version or your Weebly website. One that search engines can analyze conveniently. The better they can analyze it, the higher the website ranks on search results.

How to Get a Customized Domain Name

A personalized domain name boosts website’s reliability and makes it obvious that it’s professional. Having a customized domain name also greatly enhances the website’s SEO and helps it rank higher in search engine results.

There are absolutely several methods to get a personolized domain name for your Weebly website. One can purchase a domain name directly from Weebly or with a different registrar.

If you already have a registered domain name from another registrar company, you can easily connect it to your Weebly website as well.

How to Optimize a Weebly Website for Mobile Devices

We’re getting very close to the mobile era. Everyone should be ready for it! That clearly means that no website should come without a mobile version. Mobile web use has been rapidly increasing non-stop. In some cases, it even surpasses usage from desktops and laptops.

Anyone should definitely be on top of things to not lose the incoming traffic from mobile web. The following guide helps you to set up the mobile version of your Weebly site.

How to Use Anchor Links for Better Navigation

Using anchor links properly can enhance the user experience on your website. They actually let visitors take the action you want them to do. For instance, linking a page in another web page with suitable and appropriate anchor link gives an idea to the visitors about what they are going to read.

Well, the following tutorial shows how to create anchor links In Weebly.

How to Embed Any Document to your Weebly website

At a certain point, you may want to embed files such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint and so on. Well, that’s absolutely possible and easy to do. This article shows the process of uploading any type of documents to Weebly.

How to Add External Tools with HTML Codes

If you ever find something interesting that you’d like to integrate into your own website, you can do so using Weebly HTML tool.

This gives you the ability to add any HTML code into a frame on your site. Once you publish the site, you see the embedded code line on your page. All you need to do is get the HTML code, and follow these steps on how to embed HTML code into your Weebly website.

How to Make Your Weebly Website Social Friendly

Social media is one of the most effective methods to promote your website. Making your Weebly website social friendly is essential as it allows visitors to engage with your business.

Check out this guide and learn how you can set up/add social media icons to Weebly.

How to Secure your Weebly Website

As a website owner, there is nothing more terrifying than seeing your content and work in general wiped out by a hacker or some sort of malware.

This is why we simply insist on security. Here’s an article that goes through some of the easy steps to secure the transmitted data by enabling SSL in Weebly.

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