In this article, we’re going to show you how to add a free Weebly Forum to your website. With a lot of cases when it comes to forums it’s a very complicated process but fortunately with Weebly, it’s quite easy to add.

Weebly Forum Feature

Weebly had once a per default third party embed-able feature that automatically allows its users to add forums. It was powered by forums and could be embedded from within a Weebly element. The feature has been unfortunately disconnected. Since then, the two only options for Weebly users are either to find an embed-able forum or to look for a Weebly App that allows them to add forums.

How to Add a Free Forum to your Weebly Website

Add a free Forum in Weebly

Option #1 — Embed a Third Party Forum in your Weebly Website

For this, we’re going to use Nabble Forums. Nabble is a forum that can be enabled in any Weebly website. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to embed Nabble forum in Weebly site.

To get started, the first thing you’re going to do is to add a new standard page with no header as a layout to host your forums. Here’s how to add pages in Weebly. Once done, Go to and click on the link “Create a Free Forum” button  in order to create a free Nabble forum.

Weebly Nabble Forum

You’ll need then to fill two sections – one is for your account details at Nabble and the other is for the details about your forum. Once you filled everything, go ahead and click on the “Create Forum” button.

Weebly forum

You’ll be redirected to your Nabble forum page. In order to perform any kind of changes to your forum, you’d first need to confirm the email sent to you. The permanent Nabble link for your forum will also be sent with the activation email.

Free Weebly Forum

You can also login to your forum using the link received in your welcome email. Well, now to add your forum to your Weebly website, log in to your forum and then select the “Embedding options” under options menu.

Embed Forums to Weebly

Copy the Javascript code displayed. We’re going to insert this into your Weebly website ti embed the forum you just created.

In  order to have the forum displayed in your Weebly website, you’ll need to login to your Weebly website editor, and embed the javascript code into a standard page. Here’s how to embed Javascript code in Weebly.

Publish your Weebly website and now you are all set! :)

Option #2 — Embed a Forum in your Website using a Weebly App

We did not yet write a step by step guide on that but if you check out Weebly App Center, you should see a few options for forums:

We hope this article helped you learn how to add a free forum in your Weebly website.

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