Do you want to build a membership website with Weebly? A membership website is a very efficient way to make money online. You will be able to allow registered visitors to pay for premium content, features, and access to the community. In short, you’ll be able to provide exclusive content for members, only.

Luckily, Weebly allows us to create a membership website with its Pro and business plans and there are some really great membership Apps for Weebly that make it super easy.

Get Started — Creating a Weebly Membership Website

Method #1

Weebly membership website

Before you get started, you’d need to make sure that you have a domain name and a business or Pro Weebly plan. (Method #2 allows you to create Weebly membership website without the need of having any paid plan).

To start creating your membership website, from your Weebly dashboard, go to “Settings”. If you’re running on the appropriate Weebly plan, you’ll see a tab called “Members”.

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Clicking this tab will allow you to see different membership settings such as, “Allow people to register for your site.” and more. Clicking for example the “Allow people[..]site” box immediately adds a Login/Register tab to your site’s navigation bar. It’s a simple start, but Membership still has a lot more to offer.

Weebly membership Site

Weebly brings a simple approach to managing your membership options. One can have a login/register box pop up immediately when visitors visit the website or you can put a customizable register button anywhere on any page.

You can activate automated sign-up integration with Weebly eCommerce, where clients are granted membership access when purchasing specific products.

Website owner has also complete control over the cost of monthly or annual subscriptions and even have the options to offer memberships for FREE for a trial period. Subscriptions for members are available three different categories:

  • 1-Month Membership
  • 3-Month Membership
  • Annual Membership

Method #2

The second method is to use a Weebly App that allows creating a membership website. These Apps make it super easy but most of them are paid ones. Here’s one of the most recommended Apps for membership.

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