A good website is something that can surely boost your business and be a source of a stable income. Unfortunately, you cannot launch a website online and only wait for visitors to come and check it — they will not. There are millions of websites  & ads nowadays. The competition in the digital market is pretty difficult.

The good news is that it is still possible to manage website traffic. We, at WeeblyTutorials.com have a unique collection of free resources to help you do that. This article has a selection of tips for website promotion and SEO — mostly dedicated to Weebly..

Increase Traffic to a Weebly website

The following article is divided to these sections:

  1. On-page SEO

  2. Content Optimization

  3. Link-building

  4. Content Promotion and Newsletters

  5. Paid Advertising

Weebly Onpage Seo

On-page SEO involves optimizing site elements on a specific website in such a way that Google and the different search engines give your website higher rankings and interpret its content more accurately. Because of on-page SEO, the website gets more visitors and the traffic is more relevant.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you’ve optimized website content.
  • Check the link architecture and make sure that there is a crawlable link structure leading to every page of your website.
  • Take care of page metadata by optimizing the page titles, content descriptions meta tags, keyword meta tags, author meta tags, copyright, and robot meta tags.
  • Check your page titles; they should contain keywords or, even better, begin with a keyword.
  • Weave LSI keywords into your content. They are synonyms that Google sees as relevant to your keywords.
  • Use rich snippets and experiment with Schema markup.
  • Optimize the visible data by using “h1, h2” tags, putting keywords closer to the top of an article, emphasizing key phrases, and using descriptive outgoing links.
  • Make the website mobile-friendly by simply choosing a Weebly mobile-friendly theme.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Overuse keywords. Content will then look unnatural.
  • Too many broken links.
  • Using the same anchor text for all your links.
  • Your meta descriptions and title tags are not unique.
  • There are pages in your website structure that talk about the same things.
  • Your website doesn’t have region-specific keywords and is not optimized for local search.

Content Optimization

The term “content” refers to text, images, sounds, videos, and animations on a website. Optimizing content means creating and organizing it in such a proper way that:

  • It is created with a good understanding of the audience and their use of keywords in search of information.
  • Each piece of content, no matter how long it is, is focused on one topic and helps readers accomplish a specific task.

Tips & Tricks

  • Define users. This helps understanding your target audience.
  • Brainstorm keywords for each user. And predict how that visitor can reach your website.
  • Analyze your list of keywords with some SEO tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc.
  • Eliminate old and duplicate content.
  • Check whether the copy on your website is unique and original.
  • Create a content plan; post regularly and consistently.
  • Re-purpose your most popular content.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • You used only short keywords
  • Too many keywords are being used.
  • Plagiarized content
  • Your articles do not include quality external links.
  • You are not using Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools to check how your optimization is working.


Link-building is the process of having back links from well-known and authoritative websites to yours. Different search engines use hyperlinks to find new websites and to rank them in search results. The higher your Weebly website is ranked, the more natural traffic it will get.

Link building is a process that should be done on an ongoing basis.

Tips & Tricks

  • Specify which keywords you want to rank for.
  • Choose sources for traffic-driving links.
  • Use third party tools like SimilarWeb, to find out from which sources other similar websites get traffic.
  • Analyze the authority of websites that you want to get back-links from.
  • Find useful, reliable site directories that work in your niche.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • You will get too many links with exact keyword match in the anchor text. Google can penalize you.
  • You were using expressions like “Look here” or “Read more” as anchors.
  • Getting backlinks from sites having a bad reputation is a bad idea.
  • Buying or selling back-links and were banned by the search engine.

Content Promotion & Newsletters

The content promotion is an essential way to increase the visibility of your Weebly website through spreading your content across targeted venues. It increases traffic in such a good way.

Email marketing involves building up a database of email contacts and sending them tailored messages via email.

Tips & Tricks

  • After publishing content, promote it by sending a newsletter to your contact list.
  • Include social media buttons into all your articles and emails.
  • Tweet about each new blog post.
  • Write a post on Facebook or Google+ about every new article.
  • Make original visual content and share it on Instagram.
  • Find influences and ask them to read your content and link to it.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • You publish some content and did nothing in terms of its promotion.
  • You don’t deal with comments on your website or social media.
  • You spend too much time promoting bad quality content.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising covers Pay Per Click Advertising etc. It simply means that you buy relevant traffic for your website.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you have chosen the right combination of keywords for your PPC campaign.
  • Write an outstanding ad with a clear call to action.
  • For a social media advertising campaign, create highly shareable content.
  • Make videos on YouTube and social media.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Started with a big PPC campaign without testing it first.
  • You have not analyzed the keywords your competitors use before starting your campaign.
  • You’ve targeted wrong visitors.
  • The style of the ad doesn’t match the target audience.

We hope this article helped you learn how to increase traffic to your Weebly wbsite. You may also want to see these 10 essential tutorials that every Weebly newbie should know.

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