Ever wondered how Weebly comment system works? Well, this tutorial explains how to add a comment section in Weebly. 

Manage Weebly Comments: How to Add a Comment Section in Weebly

If you ever created your blog with Weebly, comments actually would be enabled per default to allow your visitors to comment on any articles you’ve published. The comment section appears underneath the article on the Weebly blog permalink page.

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Here’s how it looks like when leaving a comment in a Weebly blog:

Weebly comments

You can reply to comments and may also be able to receive notifications if anyone replies back. Also, you can review all comments via your Weebly Site Editor’s dashboard. For that, you’d just need to scroll down to the Blog Comments panel and then to click on the comment management page.

Weebly comment section

Here you see all comments:

Weebly comment

You may also perform all kind of actions regarding Weebly comment system settings such as approve, reject comments and so on.

Weebly Comment Error

Errors may occur with weebly commenting system. Some visitors have reported that. Especially when using a Weebly App/Plugin to add comments.

The issue was brought to the attention of Weebly engineers and they successfully fixed everything.

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