You have launched an awesome Weebly website – congrats! What you need to do now is bring visitors to it. For any website to come up high on the different search engines, we need to optimize it and do some SEO work.

Many ignore this kind of optimization and then end up getting no or a few visitors. Well, it’s actually not the scary monster many make it out to be. Actually, Weebly has one of the the best SEO and anyone can very easily use it.

#1 Choose the Right Domain Name

Before you start a website, you’d need to choose a URL for it. Also known as a domain name. That would be the address that visitors will type in to find your Weebly website. It’s actually one of the first things visitors see when they visit your website.

The ideal domain will include your business name and perhaps a keyword or two that are relevant to your business. That would indicate to everyone what your website is about. For example, if you are a commercial, you might want to purchase a domain name like Want to know more? Check this article if you need more advice on choosing the right domain name!

#2 Create titles and descriptions for each page

We would suggest that you write a unique title and description for each page on your Weebly website. These would be some brief texts that accurately and clearly describe what your business does, ideally with a few keywords and phrases mixed in. Here’s an article that explains how to add pages to Weebly and from where you can modify their titles and descriptions.

#3 Utilize anchor text in Weebly

As you create your website, consider any structure that will allow you to use anchor text within your website. Anchor link is simply text that visitors can click on to be taken directly to another web page, either on your site or anywhere else on the Internet.

Anchor text is a great way to boost your SEO, here’s an article that explains how to create anchor links in Weebly.

#4 Add alt text to all your uploaded images

Search engines can only read text and anylse structures. To understand what’s displayed in a photo or graphic, search engines look for “alt text,” a concise written description about each image on a website.

Well, to do so, in the element options for image, gallery and slideshow there is the caption option. That is our name for the ALT tags that you can use for your images. For more tips on how to optimize your images, visit our favorite Weebly tutorials!

#5 Have the Right Website Structure

Every page on your Weebly website should have a title, a subtitle and so on. Search engines scan websites to mainly look at your content. Your content and website structure in general would be better if you explain them the text hierarchy. The most relevant part is the title of your page and you should define it as H1. The H1 should be descriptive the page’s content and you shouldn’t have more than one H1 per page.


If you’re really serious about your Weebly website SEO, which you probably are since you got to the end of this article, we’ve got just the thing for you. Find out Weebly SEO complete guide, an intuitive, comprehensive and free solution that will guide you through all the steps of optimization.

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