A lightbox popup is a web form that appears on top of the page window that you are browsing. When an image for example is displayed in the overlaying window, visitor will still be able to navigate on the web page with the keyboard without closing the popup. The outside area in the page is dimmed out.  If we click outside the lightbox, the popup will be closed.

Weebly lightbox

Weebly Lightbox — How to Add it in Weebly

Here we listing the different ways on how to add popup in Weebly.

Enable and/or Disable Lightbox in Weebly

Weebly actually allows to add lightbox effect to the images using two elements:

  • Image Element – you can add Weebly lightbox effect to a single image.
  • Gallery Element – you can add Weebly lightbox effect to an image gallery.

Adding Weebly Lightbox on Single Image

Drag and drop an image element on the desired content area and add the image to your Weebly website. Once added, click on the image to see the advanced popup settings box as shown in the screenshot below.

Weebly Lightbox Option

From there, you can enable or disable the Weebly lightbox using the “Lightbox” option.

Using Lightbox on Gallery

In order to use Lightbox on gallery, add a gallery element in Weebly and insert all the needed images. Browse to the advanced settings by clicking on one of the added images. You will be able to enable lightbox under “Thumbnail” option. The gallery element has 3 options for lightbox:

  • Lightbox and Full Thumbnails
  • Lightbox Only
  • Lightbox & Partial Thumbnails

We hope this article helped you learn how Weebly lightbox works and how to add them into your website.

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