Do you need to restore Weebly from an archive file?  The backup process is one of the most important aspects of your website data management. It helps to protect your website in case of emergency – when usually something goes wrong. However, we know that restoring a backup is not easy for beginners. Thus, in this article will guide you on how to restore a Weebly website. By the way, before we dig more into details and if you haven’t done so, you may want to take a look at our previous tutorial on how to backup a Weebly website.

restore weebly website from an archive

Restore a Weebly website from an Archive

Backups are important and mainly every webmaster should keep copies of them to restore in case of any emergency situation. Same thing applies to Weebly website. However, the issue here is that, unfortunately, Weebly does not offer a complete backup/restore solution and webmasters should be aware of this fact to avoid unforeseen scenario after building a pretty large site using Weebly. What we mean here is that backed up Weebly archive .zip file can’t be uploaded back into another Weebly site, they are meant more as a personal backup, which defeats the very purpose of backup.

That’s the main issue. Someone who has a problem with current version of his website then the only way is to copy-paste the content from the archive backup which is really time-consuming if the site is larger in size.

In short, to restore your Weebly website using the generated backup archive, you’ll need to manually open up the HTML pages, using any IDE and copy-paste the content into your Site Editor then publish it again. Still a time-consuming but this is a solution to do so and get things back if something goes wrong.

Restore a Weebly website through Weebly Support

There’s an alternative way to restore a Weebly website. This solution is to simply get in touch with Weebly support team and gently ask them to do it for you. You’ll just need to provide them with your website URL and hopefully, they will be able to get things taken care of for you. We’ve witnessed several cases where site owners asked Weebly team to restore their accidentally deleted websites and got positive reactions.

You may reach out to Weebly team through their online community Forum or simply by sending an email to

We hope this article helped you learn how to restore Weebly from backup. You may also want to see our ultimate step by step Weebly security guide for beginners.

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