Podcasts are growing in popularity and are getting easier to produce thanks to platforms such as Libsyn, Spreaker and Soundcloud. There are also tools for website owners to share broadcasts and replays directly with listeners. So how can you embed podcasts on Weebly your website?

There are two ways to do it with Weebly. The first method is to simply upload their MP3 audio files directly into Weebly using the Audio element. Drag the element where you want it on your page and then click to add files and details about your podcast, including the name of your show and the title of the episode. Here’s a dedicated article that explains how to upload music and audio files in general to Weebly.

The second method is to embed an external podcast player. You may do so following these simple steps:

1. First thing is to browse to the podcasting platform where you host episodes. If you didn’t yet choose/have distribution platform, you may use one such as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and more. Libsyn and Spreaker are two of the most popular podcast hosting choices, though Spreaker is better for those just getting started (and who aren’t sure of their commitment to podcasting).

2. Second, you need to find your list of episodes and then pull up the one you’d like to embed. Most often, the bottom right is where you will find buttons for downloading or embedding the episode you’ve chosen. Click “embed” and then choose the type of widget you’d like to render, including the size and color of the player you’ll embedding. Finish styling the widget and copy the code to your computer’s clipboard.

3. Lastly, create a new page or blog entry on your Weebly site. Select the Embed Code element and drop it where you want. When asked to “click to add HTML,” do so, and then cut and paste the code within. Check for errors and hit publish.

Here’s a video that shows as well how to start a Podcast on a Weebly website:

We hope this article helped you learn how to How to Start a Podcast with Weebly. You may also want to see our guide on how to Upload Music to a Weebly Website via the Audio Player.

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