Weebly claims millions of people using their popular website builder solution. One of the important factors for Weebly’s success is its ease of use: Creating a website has literally never been easier.

Assuming your website is live, you may want to tweak and optimize your website’s performance with some extra functionalities. We want you to get more out of your Weebly website and take it to a professional level. Well, to do so, we collected 10 Weebly tips and tricks that can help you step up your online presence.

Top Weebly Tips & Tricks

#1. Get a Personalized Business Email Address

If you want people to take you seriously online, you’re most likely need to provide visitors with your email addresses, and, not using any free email services. You may use the Google App email option with Weebly to create a customized email address that showcases your domain name.

#2. Stay Mobile-Friendly

To get as many visitors as possible, one needs to optimize their website to mobile viewing. Here’s an article that explains how to turn on the Weebly mobile version of your website.

#3. Improve Weebly Search Engine Visibility

Search engines like Google are a primary source of natural incoming traffic. In order to get as many visitors as possible, we need to optimize our websites. These two articles explain it all:

4. Add Galleries for More Dynamic Pages

If you have a big numbers of images, you should consider displaying them all together with Weebly image galleries. These galleries give your images a fresh look and add a professional touch to your website. Here’s a tutorial that shows how to add an image gallery to Weebly.

#5. Get More out of Social Sharing

Anyone should definitely customize his website to be optimized for social media sharing. For instance, adding social media icons to any website would help sharing it in the different social media platforms. This will naturally boost brand visibility and create consistency for your brand across channels.

#6. Analyze Your Stats

To improve website’s overall performance, we need to check its number of visits and some other number behind it. Weebly allows an easy integration of some friendly tracking tools. Here’s a tutorial that shows how to set up Google Analytics with Weebly.

#7. Capture Visitors with a Stunning Background

Anyone knows how important is the first impression. Websites’ backgrounds are the first thing visitors will notice. Anyone looking to have a professional, nice-looking website would consider choosing a stunning background. This will definitely make your content shine. Here’s an article that shows how to add a background image in Weebly.

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