Checking the traffic of websites is an important factor for improving it and optimizing its SEO. Well, this article goes through the different ways of viewing the number of visits to your Weebly website. Weebly has already a simple statistics tool which can be used to check the number of page views and unique visitors for any particular period of time.

How to Monitor Weebly Website Traffic

Once logged in to your Weebly dashboard, you can view a snapshot of statistics for any of your sites directly on that individual site’s Dashboard.

You can click on the stats link to view the detailed statistics for the past one month data.

Even though the available Weebly statistics option allows you to check your website’s traffic and some useful stats in general. it does not show pretty much everything you need to know. You won’t have access to a detailed report of your visitors behaviors etc. That being said, we do recommend you to use any different, powerful analytics tool such as the one provided by Google: Google Analytics.

Alternate Option for Weebly Statistics

Google Analytics is basically the best free tool to get detailed analysis of traffic data for any kind of websites. Google Analytics actually shows all kind of traffic with the user behaviour on your site like which page they entering most and which page they are leaving most. Well, here’s an easy to follow tutorial that explains how to link Google Analytics to your Weebly website.

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