This article describes how to insert or change a background image in Weebly. This feature allows you to uniquely customize the theme you’re using by changing your site’s background image with a new background image.

Customizing Weebly Background Image

Weebly offers hundreds of ready-to-use templates with fixed background image, in this tutorials, we explain the following possibility of inserting/changing the background image on a Weebly site.

Insert and/or Change the Background Image in Weebly

    1. Login to your Weebly Site Editor and edit the site which you want to change the background image.
    2. Once logged in, navigate to the homepage, click anywhere and the following toolbar will appear

Insert background image weebly

    1. Click Edit Background then Images

Insert background image weebly

  1. The background images gallery will appear. You have the option to choose an image or to hit upload and select the preferred image from your computer.

Insert background image weebly

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