Verifying your Weebly website with Google Webmaster Tools gives you access to different kind of statistic reports. It also ensures your website is indexed quite faster on Google. It’s not an absolute necessity to verify and link your website with Google Webmaster Tools but it’s a clever way to help your website’s overall SEO.

Verify your Weebly Website with Google

You can follow this link if you’d like to go to Google Webmaster Tools. Login or create a Google account if you don’t have. Once done, you’ll be taken to the Search Console. Enter the address of your site and click Add Property.

Verify Weebly website

Clicking Add Property will open the site Verify Ownership section. The next step is to select Alternate Methods and choose the HTML tag option.

Weebly website verification

You then need to copy the HTML code that Google gives you.

Weebly verification

Make sure to leave this page open.. Now from within the Weebly Editor go to Settings > SEO and paste the line of code you copied from Google into the Header box.

Weebly verification

Be sure to Save and Publish your Weebly website. When you’ve done this, hit the Verify button on Google Webmaster Tools interface. Give it a few minutes then your website will be verified with Google.

Now you should submit your sitemap by clicking on the Sitemaps link, and then Add/Test Sitemap.

You should be all set. :)

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