Weebly Apps are some sort of web applications that can be integrated to extend and expand the functionality of your Weebly website.

At WeeblyTutorials, we’ve written a post about all the best Weebly Apps.

Free vs Premium Weebly Apps

Weebly Apps

There are literally tons of Weebly Apps available for free download from the Weebly App Center Directory. There are also premium/paid Apps.

Why would you want to pay for an App? Well, there are several reasons:

  • While there are hundreds of Apps available for free from the Weebly App Center, premium/paid Apps usually come with on-demand support technical assistance. They also work on maintaining the compatibility of Apps with Weebly platform as well as with other themes and Apps.
  • Apps usually implement changes on the code of Weebly. Sometimes an App’s code can get in the way of different app or with the theme, causing compatibility issues. With a paid App, it’s just nice to know you have support team that can lend a hand if anything goes wrong.

You might be wondering what types of things Apps can do. Well, if you can think about it, there’s probably an App for that. You just need to navigate through the Weebly App Center to see all of the possible ways Apps can improve your Weebly website.

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