A sitemap is a file that contains a list of all your website’s pages URL’s. It provides the different search engines such as Google with relevant information about your website’s URL’s and structure. No need to create a sitemap in Weebly as every Weebly website has already a sitemap. It’s automatically generated by Weebly. It’s always kept up to date also.

Weebly Sitemap: How Does it Work?

If you’re looking to create a sitemap for your Weebly website, you don’t need to worry about that. Weebly does it automatically for you, so it’s already there!

Weebly sitemap

Well, you can view your sitemap by adding sitemap.xml to the end of your domain name. For example: yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml. You can submit your sitemap directly to Google. This makes it easier for Google to find all of the pages of your website and can improve the speed of Google crawling and indexing.

How to Submit a SiteMap for a Weebly website

To submit your Weebly sitemap:

  1. Select your website on your Google Search Console home page.
  2. Click Sitemaps from the menu on the left.
  3. In the text field next to your domain, type sitemap.xml
  4. Click Submit.

Google console Weebly sitemap

Add your Weebly website to Google.

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