Weebly is a free and easy to use online service that allows to create your websites via a drag-and-drop interface. Weebly also would be a great option to consider if you don’t exactly have the money to maintain a website and paid for all its expenses.

Creating your website, you probably thought of adding games on it. Well, this tutorial shows how to add games to any Weebly website.

Add Games in Weebly Websites

There are actually two different ways on how to add games into a Weebly website. The first way consists of uploading the file game, also called.SWF file using the Flash element. The second workaround is to copy-paste a ready-to-use script for any game using the embed code element. The two methods are explained below in details.

Add Games Using the Flash Element

Below are the steps to follow on how to put games in Weebly using the Flash element.

  1. Login to your Weebly account dashboard, find and click on edit button to access the Weebly Site Editor.
  2. Look for the build button up at the top of the page and a side menu will come up of the Site Editor interface as this is how we are going to add games into your Weebly website.
  3. From the side menu that just appeared, you are going to hit and drag the Flash Weebly element onto the build section of the page. Clicking on the element you just embedded will open up the settings and from there you will want to click on the upload option.
  4. Once done, you just have to locate the SWF file that you want to embed to your website and upload it into that flash box.

Add Games Using the Embed Code Element

Find below the steps on adding games in Weebly using the Embed Code element.

  1. Just like we did in the above steps, first, you’ll need to access your Weebly Site Editor.
  2. Access the Build section of your Weebly Site Editor.
  3. From the Weebly editing menu, you’ll need to drag and drop the Embed Code element anywhere in your page.
  4. Once done, you’ll have to copy-paste the script of the game you have (could be HTML, Javascript code or any other kind of script) into the Embed Code element you just added.

Put games in Weebl

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