The Weebly Site Dashboard allows you to see your activity all in one place. Activities include but are not limited to: site stats, form entries and blog comments, as well as store sales.

How to Access and Use the Weebly Site Dashboard

Here’s how a Weebly Site Dashboard looks like:

Weebly Site Dashboard

There are several tabs on it. We’re going to check them each individually.


Weebly Site Dashboard acount

The menu next to your name in the upper right has all the information for your account, a link to Weebly’s support center, and a link to log out.

On the Account page, one can view and perform changes to the Profile, Services, Payment Methods, Order History, and much more.

Account tab Weebly

Sites List

Every website has its own dashboard. At the top you’ll see the name of the currently selected site, its address and current plan.

Clicking on the arrow beside the site name will bring up a list of all your sites.

Weebly Site Dashboard


Weebly Stats

In that section, we can find a quick overview of the number of Unique Visitors and Pages Views for a specific period of time.

Form Entries

Weebly form entries

This section simply shows all the form entries submitted through your website.

Blog Comments

Weebly comments

Recent comments on any of your blog posts will appear here. You can manage everything related to the comments via this interface.

Store Orders

If you have a store, everything related to it will be shown in the Store Orders page.

We hope this article helped you learn how to master the Weebly Site Dashboard. You may also want to see our guide on how to access and use the Weebly Site Editor.

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