There are things on your website that are affecting your Google rankings and traffic. No matter how much effort you put into optimizing, they’re going to keep you down. Today we’re going to teach you 8 things that you need to remove from your  Weebly website immediately if you want to rank better on Google.

#1. Outdated Content

This is the first thing you you need to delete from your website. This is doesn’t come as a shock to hear as you probably know this. Google and most search engines out there prefer fresh content. According to HostingTribunal there are over 1.7 billion websites in the world. Over two million blog posts are being published every single day. You’ll need to stand out with amazing and up to date content.

You’ll need to look at those pages that were doing well and go and update them. And by refreshing up, making them better, you’re going to rank much better versus taking your old content and just leaving it there.

Google and all the rest of the search engines want all the content on your Weebly website to be great and updated because it’s not just one page ranking on its own, it’s your whole website.

#2. Pages with Thin Content

That’s the second thing that’s hurting your website. What you guys need to do is go to all the pages that offer little to no value, look at them then you do the following:

  • Update them and make them more in-depth, or
  • 301 redirect them to other better pages that are more in-depth and offer a much better user experience.

#3. Excessive or Irrelevant Ads

Well, Ads will simple make visitors leave a website if it impacts user experience.

It’s not prohibited to have ads, but you want to make sure that they blend in, they’re not too much in how they look, and they’re not distracting the user.

#4. Automatically Generated Content

What you need to do is create content that provides the best experience out there. That’s what Google wants. Having content generated automatically by some tools isn’t that good and won’t get you far in your SEO journey.

#5. Intrusive Popups or Interstitials

You definitely need to stop doing is intrusive popups or interstitials.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t do popups, but ultimately you want to save the popups as an exit popup, for example.

#6. Irrelevant Internal Links

For this, just make sure that you’re choosing internal links that are relevant to the content.

#7. Duplicate Content

Avoid back links to spammy websites and domain names. When you link up to other spammy websites, you can get caught up by Google in what it calls link scheme which negatively affects the reputation of your website, therefore your whole website’s rank.

#8. Duplicate Content

This is isn’t a surprise. Avoid it at all cost.

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