This article goes through the process of how we can move from WordPress to Weebly.

If you’ve already created a Weebly account, you can start building your website while keeping the previous one running as it is. You can then connect your domain to Weebly if you’ve registered it elsewhere once you’re ready for the new site at Weebly to go live and replace the WordPress site. Technically, there’s not a way to directly transfer the website itself from WordPress over to Weebly, so you would be building the site fresh here. Once you’re happy with the look of the site you’ve created with Weebly, you can connect your domain to it and then publish right away.

Step 1. Getting Started – WordPress to Weebly

To create a Weebly blog, you need two things:

– A Weebly account (this is where your website lives on the internet) – Mandatory.

– A domain name (this is the name of your blog i.e – Optional as Weebly already provides you with a free subdomain. But it’s always professional to have your own domain name.

Unless you’re getting a premium subscription, Weebly itself is free. Domain name though comes at a cost of around $12.99 / year.

Thankfully, Bluehost, one of the domain oldest trusted registrars has agreed to offer our users with over 60% off on domain name registration.

Step 2. Copy and Paste Content

Once you have setup your Weebly website and have already created the needed pages and posts, you can begin to manually copy the relevant text from WordPress and paste it into the equivalent page in Weebly.

Clearly, you will want to bring over your images/videos as well. However, this requires you to save the images from the WordPress site and upload them manually to the Weebly site. Bear in mind that you will need to repeat these steps for each post and page on your Weebly site.

Unfortunately, automated migration from WordPress to Weebly does not exist. Will have to manually copy/paste everything ourselves.

Step 3. Point Your Domain to the Destination Site

Once you have built your new Weebly website, tested it and made sure it’s working as it should be, you may then proceed and point the domain.

The final step, once you are happy with the migration, will be to switch over your domain. This is a two-step process:

1. Transfer Your Domain from WordPress:

  1. Go to Domains tab in your My Site menu. Select Transfer Domain, and you will see options to transfer the domain to a different registrar, user, or site.
  2. Select Transfer to a different registrar and you will see a message explaining that your domain first needs to be unlocked. Click Update Settings and Continue. The next page will confirm that you have been sent a transfer code (also known as an “auth code” or “EPP code”) via email.
  3. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a transfer code (listed next to Authorization Info). To complete your domain transfer, provide the code following Authorization Info to your new registrar. This unique code allows us to release your domain to your new registrar for registration.

2. Change Your Weebly Site to Use Your Domain

Once the transfer is complete, Weebly can be set to use your domain, instead of the temporary one you set-up in the beginning.

You just need to open up the Settings tab and then click the “Change” button connected to the Site Address. Continue with the listed steps.

We hope this article helped you learn how to move from WordPress to Weebly. You may also want to see our guide on how to stop search engines from crawling a Weebly site.

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