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As you ay know it already, Weebly is a popular drag-and-drop website builder. By default, Weebly websites are accessible via a subdomain under, however, it is also possible to use a top-level domain name with Weebly. In this article, you will find out how to point any domain name to Weebly.

Before we dig more into details in this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Access to your hosting control panel
  • Access to Weebly account

Step 1 — Pointing Domain Name to Weebly

  1. In your hosting control panel locate and access Zone Editor section.

Zone Editor - Point domain to Weebly

2. Select the appropriate domain name from the drop-down list. You can skip this step if you have only one domain name.

DNS Zone Editor - Point Domain to Weebly

3. Locate your domain’s A record: Click Manage then Edit

Connect domain to Weebly

Link domain to Weebly

4. Replace the current value in Record text field with (it’s one of Weebly’s IP Addresses) and hit Save Record button.

Point website to Weebly

The hard part is over! You just pointed your domain name to Weebly. However, note that it can take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to fully propagate across the globe.

Step 2 — Changing Domain Name on Weebly

Once you have pointed the domain name to Weebly IP address, you’ll need to assign the domain to your site on Weebly Site Editor:

1. Access Weebly Site Editor and press “Settings” tab.

weebly settings button

2. Site Address section press Change button.

Weebly change domain button

3. A new pop-up window will appear. Select Use a Domain You Already Own option, enter your domain name in the field and press Continue button.

Weebly domain change

4. Congratulations! Your domain name is now connected to Weebly. If you experienced any issues following this tutorial, contact your hosting support staff and they will gladly help you to point your domain name to Weebly.

We hope this article helped you learn how to point your domain name to Weebly. You may also want to check the full list of Weebly IP addresses and see our guide on how to choose your best domain name.

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  1. Laura March 22, 2021 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Can this be done on the FREE weebly website plan, with their current plans in 2021? Or would we have to point / redirect the domain name to a subdomain? Also, are features “grandfathered in” if we have had a weebly account prior to changes regarding personal domain names?

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