Weebly is one of the most used drag and drop website builder in the world. With millions of users, it is widely praised and appreciated for its advantages, especially when it comes to its easy of use.

But well, like any other website creation solution, it definitely has its own disadvantages. The drawbacks of Weebly may even lead you to reconsider using it for building and maintaining your website.

Well, we have already published a full Weebly review but we are here listing the 10 Key drawbacks of Weebly you should be aware of.

7 Key Drawbacks of Weebly

#1 Website Backup

Backup copies are very important for any website owner. One can restore the website at any previous date when anything goes wrong or for any other reason. Weebly does offer a website backup feature but it’s very limited. It allows downloading the whole website into a zipped file. The issue here is that the backed up website cannot be uploaded back into Weebly website.

It basically means you need to create the website from scratch in case anything goes wrong.

#2 Website Modifications

Non-coders may find it hard to imply extra customization to their websites. There isn’t enough flexibility to modify the theme’s files and the general structure.

#3 Weebly Blog Limitations

Weebly blog features aren’t that impressive comparing it with other solutions. Here are a few drawbacks:

  • You cannot copy a Weebly blog so it is difficult to migrate your blog content
  • Very basic comment control and management system
  • Latest 10 blog posts will be displayed automatically in one page

#4 Poor Page Management

Weebly offers a very basic tool for managing pages. If a website has a large number of pages, it is very difficult to arrange the navigation of them since they are currently arranged one below one.

#5 Migrating from Weebly

If you have a website elsewhere and you’d like to migrate it to Weebly, you won’t be able. Weebly doesn’t allow any file upload into its system. The same goes when one

#6 Weebly’s Terms of Services

It’s very important that you read and fully understand Weebly’s terms of services. It may clearly restrict the type of website you’re looking to host with them.

#7 Not Suitable for Huge websites

Weebly, pretty much like any other website builder, it’s not really suitable for large websites. It’s mainly designed to create small, professional informational websites.

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