In this article, we are going to learn how to check if a specific Weebly website is functioning as it should be and if it’s actually reachable worldwide or not. This way will make sure that the website is up and available for everyone across the Internet.

In order to perform this verification, we are listing few different methods. You may choose the one you like most or use all of them to be completely sure about whether your Weebly website is up or not.

What you’ll need

  • A stable internet connection.
  • URL of a website you want to check.

#1. Checking with

This is actually the simplest method. That platform will output a straightforward answer: Your website is up or down.

  1. Open (Short URL at and you’ll be able to enter your website’s URL. When you have the URL filled in simply click ENTER on your keyboard or click or ‘just me?’ button on the website:

weebly website down

#2. Checking with a third party proxy.

One of the best solutions to check if an actual website is reachable or not is to access it via VPN or a proxy. It allows you to browse your website through a different network. This way you’ll make sure the website is accessible everywhere. Here are two different third party providers that offer anonymous surfing services: HideMe & AnyPe.

I believe you have now learned some methods on how to check if a Weebly website is reachable (working worldwide). You can combine all of these ways to gather the most information and to be completely sure about the status of your website.