There are a few reasons on why one would want to rename a Weebly contact form. Well, one of the most obvious reasons is to distinguish the submissions if you have two or more forms on your website.

When a submission is delivered to an email address, we can distinguish one form from the other using the email subject.

Imagine you have a contact form for the following pages:

  • Contact
  • Service request, etc.

By default, Weebly names every form as “CONTACT FORM”. Which means a submission on service request or contact page will both have same email subject: “Contact Form”.

How to Change Weebly Form Name

Let’s assume you have already added a contact form to your Weebly website 

On the Form Options dialogue box, click to change the form name to anything you want then save changes.

Change Weebly Form Name
Change Weebly Form Name

You should be all set. :)

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