Email marketing solutions allow to send targeted newsletters to all your clients. This would easily allow you to connect with your clients and keep them engaged, or attract new clients through new email campaigns.

Well, for this, Weebly has an amazing feature called Weebly Promote. The provided Weebly email marketing solution allows to send beautiful, targeted newsletters to all your contacts in just a few clicks.

Weebly Email Marketing Solution: Weebly Promote Features

Create Email Campaigns. Reach out to your clients and prospects with just a few clicks. Send and/or schedule your email campaigns, check their impact and easily integrate with social media platform.

Send Beautifully Designed Emails. Weebly Promote allows to use its pre-designed email templates or to create your own with its simple design tool.

Weebly Promote

Manage your Email Lists. Weebly Promote allows you to easily integrate subscription forms into your existing Weebly website to collect new emails.

Performance, Reporting, and Managed Deliverability. Weebly Promote takes care of your email reputations so they always get into inboxes, and not junk folders. Track your campaign’s success and dive into details like who opened, clicked or unsubscribed.

Weebly Email Marketing Solution: Weebly Promote Pricing

Prices are subject to change by Weebly at anytime.

Weebly Promote Pricing

Weebly Promote: How to Use It?

Weebly Promote can be accessed with the following URL: Weebly Promote.

Before sending your first newsletter, you must have at least one contact list. To create a new contact list, click on the Contact button.

Adding Contacts in Weebly Promote

Choose whatever option you’d like to add your contacts.

Weebly Promote Platform

Creating an Email Campaign

Once your list is ready, you can begin creating your campaign! Click on the “Compose” button and follow the step by process to create an email campaign

Sending compaigns

You have five sections to go through:

  1. Choose Email Purpose
  2. Design Email
  3. Email Information
  4. Add Recipients
  5. Review and Send

Monitoring Performance

Once a campaign is sent to the desired contact list, the performance of the campaign can be checked under “Sent” tab.

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