A webmaster that does not use web analytics is like a person that does not use their glasses. Using web analytics is technically not required to keep a website functional, but it might as well be due to the numerous benefits it can have. To be short and sweet, web analytics basically analyzes consumer behavior on a website. According to Kejriwal (2016),  “Web analytics is useful to any business for determining market interest, segmentation of the market, target market, analyze market trends and determine the behavior of website visitors. It is also a useful tool to understand visitor’s interest and preferences.”  Web analytics is essential for any modern business looking to analyze its consumer base, or non-consumer base for that matter, at a deeper level.

There are many benefits to using web analytics, so let’s discuss the most common. Firstly, web analytics can be used as a tool to measure web traffic to see how many people view the website and even where they are being directed from. This kind of information is useful because it can be used to determine which avenues of access should be focused on or improved, such as social media or search engines. Secondly, web analytics can be used to measure visitor behavior on a website. For instance, how much time a visitor spends on each page. Web analytics can also be used to determine demographics of a website’s visitors. Thirdly, web analytics can be used to track something called “bounce rate”. Bounce rate is when a visitor accesses a website but does not take any further action. High bounce rate could indicate that something is not working correctly on the website. Web analytics can also measure which pages visitors use to exit the website. This information may be useful if visitors are leaving a web page that is not an exit page, which could mean that they are confused. Fourthly, web analytics can be used to optimize marketing strategies by targeting specific markets.

According to Brand24, “In a nutshell, with Web Analytics, you can measure your website’s online traffic, and improve your advertising campaigns. Adopting the use of Web Analytics can be a smart step for small and local businesses, as the tool is free and caters to the needs of small organizations having low advertising budgets.”

Features of web analytics will continue to evolve and grow along with advancements in technology. Use of artificial intelligence to analyze consumer behavior on websites is cutting-edge and is currently being used at companies with high-profit margins. Another recent advancement is cloud computing, which is still a relatively new tool and is being used to improve web analytics because bigger sets of data can be moved and stored at one time.