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10 Great Examples of Weebly Websites

Many think that Weebly is a tool just made available for amateurs and hobbyists. To set the record straight, we’ve picked some of the best Weebly websites around to show you just what this incredible website builder is capable of. Most of the websites shown below are also featured by Weebly Inspiration Center.

Example 1: Douk Snowboards

Weebly website example

An online store that sells handcrafted snowboards from the UK.

Example 2: Wall’in

Weebly example website 2

An online brochure for the company’s wall coverings that is available in two languages, both English and French.

Example 3: Kikoplastic

Weebly website example

A Portfolio Weebly website for award-winning professional illustrator, Alberto Jaime Rodríguez Pérez.

Example 4: The Whiskey Ball

Weebly website exmple

An online store for selling what the company calls the “original” ice ball mold for cocktails.

Example 5: C My Paris

Weebly website example

A travel website powered by Weebly that doubles as a store for the team that sells a local perspective to Paris visitors, guiding them as if they were part of an intimate tour.

Example 6: The Bike Seat

Weebly website example

An online store for the companion bike seat, which transforms any bike into a bicycle built for two.

Example 7: Leo Edwards Photography

Weebly website 7

A portfolio site that also sells tours for adventure photographer Leo Edwards.

Example 8: Open Door Therapy


What it’s about: A lead generation site that’s aimed at widening the scope of potential clients for a New Jersey-based marriage counseling practice.

Example 9: Detailed Engagements

Gives anxious couples a closer look at their wedding planning services, including a “lookbook” of prior work and a blog that explains what to expect.

Example 10: Cindy Thompson Event Productions

An online brochure that also hosts the portfolio of this Portland event planning firm, led by founder Cindy Thompson.

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