This tutorial explains how to import a theme in Weebly. Import themes to bring them into the Weebly editor where you can edit and test them. You import themes using the Weebly Site Editor. Export themes to create a zip file used to distribute the theme.

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How to Import a Theme in Weebly

Weebly themes must be provided as a .ZIP file. Styles must live in main_style.css or main.less (if using LESS). Make sure you’ve included all images and other assets. Well, importing a Weebly theme is mostly needed when you buy a theme from third parties. The import option is available under “Design > Change Themes > Import Theme”. More detailed instructions below:

​To import a Weebly theme:

  1. Open your test site. In the Weebly editor, click the Design tab.
  2. Click Change Theme, and at the bottom, click Import Theme.
To apply your theme to your site, go to Design > Change Theme, click Custom Themes, and click Choose to apply it, or Edit to edit the theme.

We hope this article helped you learn how to import a theme in Weebly. You may also want to see our guide on how to export a theme in Weebly.

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