Weebly password protect feature is available for Weebly Pro and Business users. It allows owners to lock some pages or the entire website with a password. This is a very useful option especially when you run a personal or confidential website and want to provide access to only a few visitors.

Search engines though will still index your site and show it on the search result pages even though you set a password. Learn about hiding your Weebly website or page from search engines.

How to Password Protect your Entire Weebly Website

Once logged in into your Weebly Site Editor, under the Settings tab > General > Site Password, you can enter the password you’d like to use to protect your pages, then click Save.

Pssword protect weebly

How to Password Protect Certain Pages on Weebly

Entering a website password by following the steps listed above will automatically lock all the pages on your site. If you only want to password protect some specific pages, you can go to the Pages tab and selectively enable or disable the password protection using the visibility menu.

Password protect Weebly pages

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We hope this article helped you learn how to restrict access to your Weebly website. You may also want to see our guide on how to stop search engines from crawling a Weebly site.

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