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How to Add Caption to Images in Weebly

Do you ever want to add captions to your images in Weebly? Captions are short text descriptions. They are typically used to provide additional details.

The good thing that Weebly has the needed built-in option to easily add a caption for each uploaded image in your website.

In this article, we will explain how to easily add a caption to images in Weebly.

Adding Caption to Images in Weebly

The first thing you need to do is to add an image to your Weebly site. On the Weebly Site Editor screen, drag the ‘Images’ element and drop it wherever you want to add the image.

To learn more, see our article on how to add and align images in Weebly.

Now you have added the image, all what you have to do is to click on the image, a box will appear, you need to scroll down and click on Caption. A text field will appear so you can enter insert your caption.

Here’s a Video Tutorial on How to Add Caption to Images in Weebly

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