This article sheds light on having a better user experience and environment in general. Below are some tips for creating a happy environment on your Weebly website. These are mainly multimedia-related tips.

Happy users

1) File size and type plays a huge role in the functionality of your website. Try keeping a majority of your images under 100 kb each. Photographers, graphics designers, etc. who will want a higher quality image, will be an exception. We suggest uploading a smaller file size, then link it to a larger file size or the full sized image as needed.

2) Try limiting the number of images per page. Keeping the number of images down to around 10 per page will greatly improve the page loading speeds. This will be especially important to those who are using a slower internet connection.

3) Image formats, while we discussed jpegs in more detail earlier. We recommend that you stick with jpegs, gifs and png files for all your images. Tiff and BMP file types are not recommended for website usage.

We hope this article helped you have an idea in regard to having a better user experience. You may also want to see our guide on how to have a better images quality in Weebly.

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