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How to Start a Free Blog with Weebly: 3 Simple Steps

This article explains in details how to start a Weebly blog the right way. Starting a blog is the easiest way to dynamically share your ideas, hobbies, and anything else with the world. You may also use it to promote your business online — and even make money from it.

Luckily, in 2017, making a blog is easier than ever. For instance, Weebly makes it a way more easier and simpler for us to do so with its blogging platform.

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#1. Adding a Weebly Blog Page to Your Site

  1. Login to your Weebly account and edit the website in question that you wish to add a blog.
  2. Under Pages tab click on “Add Page +” and you will see many options for adding a web page.
  3. Select “Blog Page” in order to add a blog to your website.
  4. Choose the desired page layout and that’s all a blog is added to your site.

Weebly blog

The added blog page will act as an index page for your blog featuring latest posts and then you need to create individual blog posts using Weebly blog editor.

#2. Creating a Complete Weebly Blog Site

The above way of adding a blog page will add a blog section to the main website. If you’re willing to keep only a blog site then ensure to have the blog page as your home page. This can be done by moving the blog page to the first page under “Pages” menu and the home icon will be displayed next to the page name.

For effective navigation, create additional “External Link” pages and link them to your blog categories. This way you can have a complete Weebly blog site.

#3. Play with the Weebly General Blog Settings

Weebly Blog Editor

Once you added a blog page, you will see a different blog editor when editing a blog post. You can see three buttons at the bottom of the editor – Comments, Blog Settings and New Post.

Weebly Blog Editor

Creating a Blog Post in Weebly

Click on the “New Post” button to see a new set of elements appear in the Weebly Blog editor which you can drag and drop to your post’s content area. For instance, there will be a “Read More Break” element which can be added to your blog post. The content before this element will be shown first and if an interested user clicks on “Read More” link then the complete post content will be displayed. This is a very useful feature especially for lengthy posts having a lot of content.

The following elements are grouped under “Blog Sidebar” which can only be added in the sidebar.

Weebly sidebar elements

Click on the “New Post” button and drag and drop elements to start building your blog content.

New Blog Post Weebly

Weebly provides the following features when creating a blog:

  • Your blog is always saved as a Draft and anytime you can retrieve it even if it is not published.
  • Share your Weebly blog instantaneously with Facebook and Twitter by switching on the Sharing buttons.
  • Create a Category for your topic by clicking “Add” in the categories section. You can add a single post to multiple categories.
  • Set the comments to open or closed as you desire.
  • Publish post immediately or on any defined scheduled time as per the time zone, you selected under “Blog –
    Settings > Date & Time”.
  • Every blog post will be published as an individual web page and will be listed in search engines.

Weebly General Blog Settings

Before creating a post click on the “Blog Settings” option to setup various features like posts per page, share buttons for Facebook and Twitter, enable or disable sidebar and add header and footer code available under “General” section.

Weebly Blog Settings

Weebly Comments Settings

“Blog settings” includes as well different options for your comment settings like choosing default Weebly’s commenting system, disqus or Facebook and enabling CAPTCHA spam protection.

weebly comment blog settings

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