This article goes through the procedure of enabling SSL certificates on Weebly websites. Many of you have asked about the benefits of SSL and whether it’s necessary for your Weebly website, blog or online store, so we’d like to shed some light on SSL and its value for both security and trust online.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to encrypt information transferred across the Internet. This encryption protects your information from getting intercepted by unwelcome eavesdroppers and is enabled through an SSL certificate that allows visitors to browse a website over a secure connection.

SSL certificate Weebly

An SSL certificate can do a way more than just data encryption, it also serves as a powerful trust signal for your visitors, which can help increase sales, form submissions, or whatever it is you need your website to do.

Common SSL Uses

SSL encryption (secure connection) is absolutely vital when sensitive personal information is entered on a website, online store or blog. Weebly Business Plan includes already a free SSL certificate, allowing your clients to checkout directly from your website. You can enable SSL for your entire site or just on checkout from the General tab in the Settings dashboard.

Enable a SSL Certificate for a Weebly Website

We may clarify a bit more. The SSL installation requires server side access, usually on the root level. For security reasons, Weebly and other site builders will not grant you that access. However, if you buy SSL through them, they have a magical wand that does the installation for you on their servers (of course you may also call it up-selling).

As mentioned above, Weebly Business plan includes already a free SSL certificate. No need to order one. However, if you’re running on another Weebly plan, your only option is to upgrade. Purchasing a SSL through a third party service won’t do the job as well. The only SSL certificates that work for domains attached to Weebly sites at this time are the ones that come with Business and Performance packages.

If ever you have the appropriate Weebly plan and the SSL still not enabled, you may attempt to forcibly enable it via the dashboard. Here’s how, click Settings from Weebly Site Editor then select Enable SSL.

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