Ever wondered how to create a table of content in Weebly? Well, you may have seen the table of contents on other websites. A table of contents makes it easier for visitors to jump to the section they want to read in long posts.

It also helps with your Weebly SEO performance because Google and other search engines automatically add a jump to section link next to your website in search results.

Create a Table of Content in Weebly Posts and Pages

The technique that we’re going to explain here uses the fact that in HTML code, anything following a # sign in a link location is considered to be an anchor – a label for specific place on a web-page. We have a tutorial that explains how to create anchor links in Weebly.

In this example, we will be naming our sections as the following Title 1, Title 2, etc., though obviously they can be anything.

Create a Table of Content in Weebly

#1. Preparing the HTML code. Open any text editor software such as notepad that you can use for copying and pasting text.

#2. Go to the page where you want to create the table. Copy the URL for that page, and paste it into the notepad. You will use this as a template. It might be,


#3. Now open the Weebly Site Editor and go to the page in object. Add a Title element at the top of the page and enter, e.g., “Table of Contents”, or whatever you want.

#4. Add a Text element, and into the text block enter the items in your table of contents, on separate lines, e.g., “Title 1”, “Title 2”, etc.

#5. Select the first entry in the table and click on the “Create Link” widget. In the dialog choose the “Website URL” option. Copy the URL you saved in the notepad and paste into the box.

#6. At the end of the URL, add the pound sign followed by an identifier. You might use, e.g., “#title1”. The full link will then be,


#7. Repeat from step 5 for the second entry, using the appropriate identifier, e.g., “#title2”.


#8. Repeat from step 5 as needed.

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