//Beginner’s Guide: How to Add Tables in Weebly

Beginner’s Guide: How to Add Tables in Weebly

Do you need to organize information on your website in a tabular format? You may need a quick way to organize and display certain data, whether it’s product information, survey results, an online calendar, or other content may be better represented in a table integrated into your Weebly website.

Well, this tutorial shows different ways on how to add tables in Weebly websites.

How to Add Tables in Weebly

Here are the methods that we’re going to discuss in this article:

  • HTML Method to Add Tables in Weebly
  • Using Microsoft Word to Add tables in Weebly
  • Using free Simple Table App from Weebly App Center
  • Add Tables to Weebly with Google Spreadsheet
  • Embedding table code from other third parties

HTML Method to Add Tables in Weebly

Creating HTML tables is one of the easiest ways to create tables and then have them embedded on your Weebly website using the “WeeblyEmbed Code” element. Using standard HTML tags, you can create simple tables for your website. We’re providing you with an example of code to create a HTML table.

<table border="3" bordercolor="Skyblue" width="300">
<th height="30" bgcolor="gray"><font color=Yellow>  Plan   </font></th>
<th height="30" bgcolor="gray"><font color=Yellow>  Sites   </font></th>
<th height="30" bgcolor="gray"><font color=Yellow>  Price (1 Year Plan)   </font></th>
<tr height="30">
<td bgcolor="silver"><b>Free   </b></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>10   </b></font></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>Free   </b></font></td>
<tr height="30">
<td bgcolor="silver"><b>Starter   </b></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>10   </b></font></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>$4.08   </b></font></td>
<tr height="30">
<td bgcolor="silver"><b>Pro   </b></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>10   </b></font></td>
<td><font color=26EB10><b>$8.25   </b></font></td>

Here is how the table will look like in your Weebly website:

Plan Sites Price (1 Year Plan)
Free 10 Free
Starter 10 $4.08
Pro 10 $8.25

Using Microsoft Word to Add Tables in Weebly

We’re explaining here the Microsoft Word method to add a table in Weebly. Follow the below instructions to create a table using Microsoft Word:

  • Launch Microsoft Word.
  • Click on “Insert” and then “Table” to select the number of rows and columns of your table.
  • Once done, click any cell to have the menu “Table Tools” showing up.
  • Hit the “Table Tools” option so you can customize your table.
  • Once you finished up working on your table, you can save the MS document as a webpage (*.htm or *.html)
  • Open the saved MS document with any text-editor like NotePadd++ or NotePadd++ (Right Click and Open with Notepad) and copy the code.
  • Use Weebly Embed code element to paste the code on your website.

Using the Simple Table App from Weebly App Center

This method uses the Simple Table App from Weebly App Center. You need to access the Weebly App Center and connect the free “Simple Table” app available under “Tools” category of your Weebly Site Editor, then drag and drop the element to add tables to your website. It’s simple and you’ll be able to customize everything with this app.

Add Tables in Weebly

Add Tables to Weebly with Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet could be a very useful solution to add a table in Weebly. You can create the table from within your Google account then embed the code on your Weebly website to share the table.

Online Table Generators

Creating table with HTML is simple, but it’s very time-consuming if we’re planning on create bigger size tables. For that, you can use any kind of online table generators. They will help to create the tables and generate the needed HTML code to copy/paste it via the “Weebly Embed Code” element.

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