Weebly is a do-it-yourself online website builder, point blank. That been said, the website builder allows to build fully functional websites in a very easy way.

Here at WeeblyTutorials.com, we thought we’d compile a list of some of the most essentials Weebly tutorials you should be leveraging in your business’ online strategy. All of these tutorials would make your journey building your website with Weebly an easier one.

You’ll find below the 20 must-knows Weebly tutorials any website owner could benefit from.

#1. How to use the Weebly Site Editor

Starting with the Weebly Site Editor. Well, it’s where all of the magic happens: where you’ll add content, design your pages, and customize everything until you are happy with the final results.

This tutorial explains how to use the actually Weebly Site Editor.

#2. How to display images on your Weebly website

It’s not surprising, one of the most common tutorials people look for is how to display images on their websites. While there is usually more than one way to add images in a Weebly website, we’re going to keep it as simple as possible.

#3. How to optimize your Weebly website’s SEO

There no point to create an amazing website when no one can find it. This is why we made available this step by step article on the top 5 easy SEO tips to boost your Weebly website in under an hour.

#4. How to become mobile friendly

It should be no surprise to anyone that browsing the Internet on mobile is a preferred practice to traditional desktop browsing nowadays. Website owners need to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly. Here’s how to turn on the mobile version in Weebly.

#5. How to create a multilingual site with Weebly

Creating a multilingual website with Weebly is much easier than you think. We’ve made it even easier by providing you with the perfect tutorial to get your feet wet and say Hello in so many languages.

#6. How to get a personalized domain for your Weebly website

If you spent quite some time working on the perfect website for your online presence, you should do yourself a favor and have it linked to a personalized domain name. A personalized domain definitely enhances your website’s credibility, boasts a sense of professionalism and helps improving your website overall SEO performance. Well, here’s how to choose the best domain name. We’ve even gone further and made a separate article on how you can easily point any domain to your Weebly website as well.

07. How to create personalized email addresses

Visitors, perhaps new clients will want to get in touch with you after they’ve visited your website. It would be extremely useful and professional to provide them with a personalized email address, means an email that’s linked with your domain name. That actually shows that you’re a well-established brand. Plus, it just looks way better than any other free email provider.

#8. How to use anchors on Weebly

Anchors are sort of links that are very useful to direct your visitors to certain sections of your website. It’s a simple and very engaging way to enhance user experience. Here’s how to create anchor links on Weebly.

#9. How to add apps from the Weebly App Store

The Weebly Editor is already full of features, but sometime you may be looking to extend its functionality in ways that aren’t built-in. This is where the use of Weebly Apps Market comes in.

#10. How to add videos to your Weebly website

Looking to add videos to your Weebly website? Look no further! Weebly allows you to embed any kind of video very easily. Related Read: How to Add Video Streaming in Weebly Website

#11. How to make your Weebly website social friendly

Social platforms have taken over the Internet in more ways than we can describe. The following tutorial explains how to add any sort of social media icons so you can turn your website into a more social-friendly one.

#12. How to embed HTML, CSS or Javascript on your Weebly website

You may want to insert a customized code into your Weebly website. Either to add any extra feature or to simply embed a Javascript code provided by a provider such as Google for analytics purposes for example.

#13. Create Email Newsletter with the Weebly Email Marketing Solution: Weebly Promote

Weebly Promote allows to send beautiful, targeted newsletters to all your contacts in just a few clicks. This would allow you to keep your clients up to date and provide them with regular updates via email.

How to Add Favicon to Weebly Website

A favicon is your website logo that appears next to the meta title on your browser tab. Ever wondered how to add it to your Weebly website? You can get your hands wet now.

How to Add an Image Gallery in Weebly website

An image gallery lets you add images in rows and columns. This allows you to display more photos in less space while also making it easier for visitors to browse them.

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