Ever wondered how to add a quiz in Weebly? A quiz us basically an online web form that collects visitor input, processes submitted values, and shows results.

Quizzes are a very useful way to increase visitor engagement. They can be used for several purposes including education and more.

Well, in this tutorial, we will show you how to easily insert a quiz in Weebly.

How to Add a Quiz in Weebly

In order to add quizzez in Weebly website, we will going to create a HTML quiz with any provider online such as Interact or GoToQuiz and then paste the generated HTML code into our Weebly website using the Embed Code Element from the Weebly Site Builder.

Let’s say you have already created the quiz and generated the HTML code, you’d just then need to follow below steps so you add that to your website.

  1. Inside the Weebly Site Editor click “Embed Code”. This will add an HTML box onto your Weebly website where the quiz will be displayed.
  2. Click “Edit Custom HTML”. This will open up a box you can add the quiz embed code into.
  3. Copy your embed code from Interact, GoToQuiz or any other provider that allows creating HTML quizzez.
  4. Paste in and you’re done

Add a quiz to Weebly

We hope this article helped you learn how to insert quizzez in Weebly websites. You may also want to see our guide on How to Add Proper Spaces in a Weebly Website.

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